Real Estate/Changing Hands, Feb. 16, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Walter D. Zalenski, Sr. “aka” Walter D. Zalenski, to Helen I. Hall Living Trust, Helen I. Hall, Trustee. 515 Main St. $160,000

Norbert J. Salz and Janet I. Clark, to Joshua H. Porter and Anne E. Porter, of Easthampton. Steady Lane. $170,000

Priscilla L. Phelps, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Sandra McArthur, of Shelburne Falls, R. Dave DeHerdt. Trustee. 70 Buckland Road. $265,000


David W. Hastings, of Gill, to Thomas A. Anderson, of Millers Falls. 51 Bald Mountain Road. $168,000

Neil R. Black and Carol M. Black, to Black Investment Trust, Neil R. Black and Carol M. Black, Trustees. 59 Martindale Road. $1


Thomas S. Lively and Susan M. Lively, of Heath and Justin Lively, to Kenneth H. Kippenberger and Kathleen B. Kippenberger. Franklin Street. $10,000

Apple Realty Trust III, Richard C. Bishop, individually and Trustee, of Shelburne Falls, to Mia I. D. Radysh, of Shelburne Falls. 59-93 Prospect St. $235,800


CitiMortgage, Inc., of O’Fallon, Mo., to USA, Housing and Urban Development. 5 High St. $1


David Scott Barker, and Janet D. Ryan “aka” Janet Dean Ryan, “aka” Janet B. Ryan, “aka” Janet Barker Ryan, “aka” Janet Dean Barker Ryan, to Franklin Land Trust Inc., of Shelburne Falls. South Part Road & Roaring Brook Road. $250,000

David Scott Barker, Janet D. Ryan, “aka” Janet Dean Ryan, “aka” Janet B. Ryan, “aka” Janet Barker Ryan, “aka” Janet Dean Baker Ryan, to Barry D. Elson. South Part Road. $35,000


John G. Savage Realty Corporation, to Molenaar LLC. Mill Village Road. $6,000

John G. Savage Realty Corporation, to Molenaar LLC. Mill Village Road. $40,800

James P. Podlesney, of Leyden and Teresa A. Podlesney, of Greenfield, to James P. Podlesney, Karen M. Podlesney and Teresa A. Podlesney. 97 North Hillside Road. Less than $100


Bernadette S. Lucas, to Georgian-Lucas Investment Trust, Bruce M. Georgian and Bernadette S. Lucas, Trustees. 5 Warner St. $1

Nicholis F. Lapan and Ashlie M. Zilinski, to Thomas N. Duffy and Jessica L. Duffy, of Montague. 6 Moore St. $180,000


Thomas E. Plausky and Elizabeth F. Plausky, by JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to PDV, INC. 10 Main Road. $100,000

Bernadette S. Georgian “aka” Bernadette S. Lucas, of Amesbury, to Georgian-Lucas Investment Trust, of Amesbury, Bruce M. Georgian and Bernadette S. Lucas, Trustees. Franklin Road. $1


Eugene Vanasse, to William R. Perry and Susan Perry-Young. Keegan Lane. Unit 2A, College Park Condominium. $42,000

Nathan Senn and Jennifer C. Swartz, “nka” Jennifer C. Swartz-Senn, of Sandwich, to Michael A. Hebert and Jessica L. Gorey. 21 Garfield St. $172,000

James M. Seretta and Martha R. Seretta, “fka” Martha R. Hinman, to PRB LLC. 23-25 Union St. $103,500

Thayer Road Realty Trust, Randell J. Poirier and Jeannine A. LeBlanc, Trustees, to Erik Lively and Meredith C. Lively. 87 Thayer Road. $220,000

Antonio F. Mota and Liberta M. Mota, of Cumberland, R. I., to Michael S. Mota. 410 Plain Road. $1

Julie A. Menard, of East Dummerston, Vt., and Denis C. Menard to Denis C. Menard. 649 Colrain Road. No Consideration


Bertrand Raymond, by attorney, Barbara J. Raymond, Attorney, to Barbara J. Raymond. 295 Shutesbury Road. Less than $100


Peter P. Chmyzinski and Nicole L. Chmyzinski, to Joshua K. LaCosse and Hailey-Nicole R. LaCosse. 95 South Prospect St. $220,000

Blanche T. Koblinski, by Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee, by attorney, NationStar Mortgage, LLC, Attorney, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee. 1 Linda Lane. $177,000

Stephen A. Adams Estate, Jennifer L. Adams and Jennifer L. Ryznic individually and Personal Representative, to Jennifer L. Adams.11 Elm St. $1


Amy S. Biddle, of Elktown, Md., to Colby C. Zilinski and Anna M. Reid, of Greenfield. 692 Pine Meadow Road. $230,000


Maureen S. Desautels “fka” Maureen S. Cole and Christopher Desautels, to Marcos Ramos Rosario, and Yarelyn Martinez-Haddock. 277 Walnut Hill Road. $189,900

North Quabbin Brook Realty Trust, of Northfield, Peter A. Gerry and Rifet Hasanbasic, Trustees, to Angelo G. Poulos. 220 Dana Road. $203,000

Housing Opportunity Partners REO, LLC, to Jesse Gadarowski. 15 Dexter St. $35,200

Green Valley Trees & Gardens Corporation, of Connecticut, to Shalom Painting. 15 West Myrtle St. $40,000

Debra N. Deegan, to Debra N. Deegan Revocable Trust, Debra N. Deegan, Trustee. 195 South Main St. $1

Stephanie Kaminskas Estate, & Peter Bernotas, Personal Representative, of Chicago, Ill., to Peter Bernotas. Warwick Road. No Consideration


Carl A. Munroe and Cynthia A. Munroe, of Somerset, to Christopher A. Munroe, of Somerset, 76 Tatro Road. $1


Barry R. Holstein, to Holstein Investment Trust, Barry R. Holstein, Trustee. 147 Old Greenfield Road. $1


Kimberlee A. Fawcett, of Hadley, to Cheryl L. Hayden. 25 Lakeview Road. $45,000


Carol Jud, to Heidi Steiner. 131 Farley Road, Unit 3, Natrylia Condominium. $49,143


JAWK Inc., of South Deerfield, to Kathleen Z. Zeamer, of Hatfield. Eastwood Lane. Lot 30. $105,000

Mary C. Dingman-Abel “fka” Mary D. Wideman, and Christopher R. Abel, to Mary C. Dingman-Abel Revocable Trust, Mary C. Dingman-Abel, Trustee. 79 North St. “fka” 45 North St. Less than $100