‘The madness needs to stop’


Published: 6/11/2019 10:42:38 AM

I am writing today in response to John Blasiak’s My Turn titled, “Different genders should complement each other” that was published on May 16. Where should I begin? I guess that I’ll simply go in the order of what he wrote.

MEN CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND WOMEN, AND VICE VERSA. – No one person can ever completely understand another person, regardless of gender. I am not you, you are not me, and so on. We can gain lots of understanding, which sometimes takes a lot of patience, and is always worth it. But complete understanding, not possible.

DISPEL MYTH OF TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES “FORMULATED” TO ADVANTAGE ONE GENDER OVER THE OTHER. – It is not a myth. For most of the world’s history men have dominated over women. Men have always earned more money than women in the working world, men have violently abused women far more than women having violently abused men, and it’s no coincidence that this country still hasn’t elected a woman as the President.

BOTH GENDERS HAVE BEEN EMPOWERED IN EVERY CULTURE. – If this statement were true, how does rape and forced enslavement by men over women fit into it?

MODERNS. – What is a “modern”? Somebody that doesn’t share your beliefs? Instead of labeling people, which is a tactic that has been used for the purposes of domination over “the other” for centuries, why not instead encourage mutually beneficial dialogue by simply saying, “some people”?

DESTROYING PREDICTABLE GENDER ROLES WILL LEAD TO DISTRUST AND VIOLENCE. – So in other words, if I, as a male, were to choose to wear a skirt in the hot summer weather because I would feel more physically comfortable, versus wearing long pants, people wouldn’t trust me, and would commit violence against me? And this would be my fault? No sir, own your prejudices and your base qualities.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN AN INFANT’S LIFE ARE THE MOTHER AND FATHER. – It isn’t until the middle of this piece that same-sex coupling and marriage are glaringly not written of specifically, but are certainly inferred as not being deserving, and being unacceptable. My belief is that Mr. Blasiak’s opposition to same-sex intimacy is his true agenda here, and it should be no surprise to so many people who have read his other My Turn pieces in the past, and have felt disgusted by them, of which I am one.

In summation, I agree with the closing words of his most recent piece, “that the madness needs to stop.” And I suggest that Mr. Blasiak would contribute to such by not continuing to write these pieces that promote division and discrimination, and instead chooses to engage in conversation with those that he is not currently in agreement with, and tries to gain more understanding of “the other,” just for the sake of gaining knowledge. Because after all, nobody knows everything, right Mr. Blasiak?

Russell Pirkot is a resident of Greenfield.

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