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Published: 9/11/2020 1:59:28 PM
Modified: 9/11/2020 1:59:13 PM

While our plates may be overflowing with so many social issues, pandemics of Lyme and COVID-19, climate change and economic worries, there is a really big “meatball” that we need to make room for. It is an all encompassing and insidious threat that concerns the basics of survival.

You may have heard of 5G (aka the Internet of Things, IoT) that is being fast tracked by the powerful wireless industries. It is like 4G on “crack” — better and faster wi-fi coverage. Wow, Smart cars and appliances that talk to us and each other at lightening speed. So, whats the problem with that? Well, everything!

As far as health and the environment, 5G will affect the earth and all life forms on earth — all human races, all animals, all birds, all insects, all trees, vegetation and all climate issues. How is this possible?

Simply put, the earth and all life forms here operate on electrical impulses. These impulses are being severely affected by all the invisible rays that now surround us. We are already saturated with large cell towers and radiation but what makes 5G particularly egregious is that it involves adding hundreds of small but more powerful antennas placed on utility poles very close to our homes throughout streets and neighborhoods. There is no distancing or getting away from it.

Even now, our bodies and minds are essentially short circuiting and our immune systems are struggling to cope. This weakening of immune systems can be seen in the case of bee colony collapse. There are healthy bee colonies that harbor the mite parasite without die off as long there is no exposure to cell towers or pesticides. Children, in particular, are at even greater risk because of their smaller size and developing brains.

Arthur Firstenbergs’ book, “The Invisible Rainbow” is like a newer more in-depth version of “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. It is a scientific, clear, and comprehensive explanation that connects the dots between the use of electricity, radiation and health.

Is it only a coincidence that our latest global debacle, COVID 19, started in Wuhan, China, the first “smart city” that had just been outfitted with hundreds of 5G antennas?

There are literally thousands of studies from the 1940’s to the present acknowledging human health risks and damage to the environment from microwave radiation (wireless radiation). More than 200 scientists and doctors from 35 countries have expressed their concerns and objections to the 5G roll-out.

Independent science shows clear evidence that links RF microwave radiation exposure to cancer, neurological and cognitive harm, heart abnormalities,reproductive effects and microwave sickness among other serious health problems.Especially at risk are pregnant women, children, the elderly,and individuals with implanted medical devices, or cardiac or neurological problems.

5G is not a regulated public utility. Even if it was, human exposure guidelines for RF microwave radiation used by the FCC are more than 20 years old and address only thermal, not biological impacts of exposure ... which are cumulative, making it even more dangerous to the unborn and children. To make matters even worse, the FCC has already allowed the placement of 5G antennas to bypass community control leaving local authorities and public health officials without any input.

Giving up cell phones or internet at this point may not be a desirable or realistic option, but Wi-Fi isn’t necessary or the only option. It is a trillion dollar industry and allows for competition with cable companies to stream video. Fiber optics and hard wiring is a much safer and more affordable alternative.

Other problems with 5G is that it is an unsustainable energy hog. Massive increases in 5G equipment equals massive increases in energy. “A lurking threat behind the promise of 5G delivering up to 1,000 times as much data as today’s networks is that 5G could also consume up to a 1,000 times as much energy.” IEEE Spectrum, (5G’s Waveform is a Battery Vampire)

The science is clear. The risks are undeniable.

If you are interested in learning more or helping to organize or educate on a local level, please go to (based here in MA). Check out the movie Generation Zapped, a great primer. The and are also excellent resources that offer literature, films, and advice.

Installments of cell towers and 5G antennas are already happening! It is easier to stop them than to remove them once in place! (Think no nukes!)

Janice Frey, who lives in Montague, cares about health and the environment.


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