My Turn: New political party

Published: 2/16/2021 7:11:14 AM

I propose establishing a new political party, the Common Sense Party (CSP), from the federal level to town governments.

None of the existing official parties, especially Democratic and Republican, has proven very successful solving problems. If Democrats had their unfettered ways, a burger flipper would earn the same salary as a brain cancer surgeon. Unfettered Republicans would allow huge corporations complete freedom to do whatever was necessary to increase profits with absolutely no concern for the environmental or social consequences, tax free.

Yet moderates in both parties are so entrenched in the belief that their party is correct that compromise is slow and often unreachable.

Things that baffle me: why are we spending $3 billion on NASA’s Perseverance mission to determine if life existed on Mars 3 to 4 billion years ago? CSP would put those scientific brains to work developing quick electric vehicle charging stations, efficient and affordable solar electricity battery storage.

The FY2020 defense budget is $721,531,000,000 — for what? Huge aircraft carriers can’t do much to combat cyber or human terrorists or drug lords. The nuclear armed countries have enough bombs to blow this planet off its orbit! CSP would do more than place sanctions against countries to rid the Earth of these horribly things.

Why do we have homeless people freezing to death in a tent while someone can buy a multi-million dollar penthouse in Manhattan?

Some Democrats have proposed canceling all student loans and all mortgages; CSP would realize this is impossible but would work towards more affordable education and housing.

CSP would enact single-payer health insurance. My personal experience with a local for-profit medical conglomerate is an excellent example of why.

I called my primary care office to refill a prescription. But since I hadn’t been seen at that office for a while, my insurance company was billed $371 for a new-patient tele-office visit. No exam, no discussion about new symptoms, no change in medication. Just my talking for 15 minutes, eventually convincing this new-to-the-practice doctor why I needed my sleeping pills. My insurance reimbursed half that amount and I was billed the co-pay. Outrageous charge notwithstanding, I would have been responsible for the entire $371 if I didn’t have health insurance.

Do Republican legislators really want votes from Trump supporters who break laws and shout “hang Mike Pence”? Or from voters who believe something just because their leader said it?

CSP would consider the election fraudulent if Trump had provided evidence. CSP would take issue with any supporter who believes Trump was urging his followers at the Jan. 6 ally to march peacefully to the Capitol. Is urging the crowd to “fight like hell” peaceful? (My Turn, Jan 29).

CSP would have found Trump guilty of inciting insurrection. He had been firing up his supporters for months before Jan. 6 and knew perfectly well what would happen when he urged them at the rally that day. He watched the rioting with glee instead of stopping it and a few hours later told rioters, “We love you. You’re very special.”

Global warming is happening. While Democrats and Republicans debate if it is caused by humans or just a naturally occurring cycle, CSP would educate and promote things we can all do to slow it down regardless of the cause. Reduce excessive consumerism and waste. We are totally abusing our environment and wild animals. CSP would drastically curb plastic use.

CSP would also be effective at the local level. Consider this; Deerfield Zoning Board of Appeals voted to approve “with conditions” Dollar General’s petition to build a 9,319-square-foot structure in a 4,000-foot zoned area.

Four members brushed aside the copious public comments about how the project is not in keeping with some of the six criteria specified in the town bylaws. They ignored the Town Master Plan, overwhelmingly voted for by residents in 2010; a 700 resident-signed petition against the proposal; 150-plus emails; countless public comments and professional testimonies during a half-dozen ZBA hearings all stating valid reason why no large high-traffic producing retail store should be approved for that site. The facts that MassDOT has listed that intersection as one of the more dangerous in the state, the state DEP issued a report of potential wetlands at that site, and that a large retail store does not fit into the character of the neighborhood as specified in the Master Plan would all be ample reasons for CSP to deny the petition.

CSP supports gross domestic well-being.

Reenie Grybko Clancy is a resident of Deerfield.

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