My Turn: To those who fear non-leftists

  • jacoblund

Published: 5/28/2021 11:43:46 AM

When information is suppressed and only one side is discussed, those points of view not mentioned fade away and are mostly forgotten. If that wasn’t true, non-leftists would be on your Google news feed and have a bigger impact on society — names like Justin Amash, Milton Friedman, Candace Owens, Ayn Rand, Ben Shapiro and Thomas Sowell just to name a few. French economist Frédéric Bastiat and Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek have greatly influenced Justin Amash.

Why won’t you question your views? Because there are only two sides, Republican and Democrat? Both sides want to keep it just two for their own benefit. You won’t side with Republicans, because the one-sided media has falsely established they are sexist and racist who only care about the rich. You ignore opposing views for every situation you encounter? Do you read the hundreds of pages of a federal bill? It’s Ok to realize that you’ve been duped. I prefer to look for .gov sites. A politician’s website could be useful. Otherwise there’s spin to avoid on most sites, if not all.

Don’t like conservative values? So, you don’t know how to spend less money and save? You ring up credit cards like the federal government rings up debt? You can’t continually expand government, spend money like water and expect to be debt free. It’s an economics fail. Unfortunately, not enough Republicans vote against more spending. How many Democrats vote to reduce spending?

In Thomas Sowell’s article “The Lure of Socialism to the Foolhardy” in The Desert Sun on Feb. 20, 2016, he wrote, “Worst of all, government giveaways polarize society into segments, each trying to get what it wants at somebody else’s expense, creating mutual bitterness that can tear a society apart. Some seem to blithely assume that “the rich” can be taxed to pay for what they want as if “the rich” don’t see what is coming and take their wealth elsewhere.”

In the East Bay Times, on June 23, 2011, Thomas Sowell wrote, “Many retired people remember the money that was taken out of their paychecks for years and feel that they are now entitled to receive social security benefits as a right. But the way Social Security was set up was so financially shaky that anyone who set up a similar retirement scheme in the private sector could be sent to federal prison for fraud.”

A few years ago, why was U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern so concerned when there was a mass exodus from countries south of the U.S.? He’s part of the problem. Venezuela didn’t do socialism correctly? On the SSI website, an illegal immigrant can claim the income of their sponsor to obtain social security benefits. Ellis Island existed till it didn’t. In general, Democrats want the votes and Republicans like cheap labor. A path to citizenship yes, but not for everyone at once. Build the wall.

John Stossel cites Thomas Sowell’s work in Capitalism Magazine on Jan. 19, 2021. John says, “today’s self-anointed leaders talk constantly about how America’s “systemic racism” holds back Black people.”

“Propaganda,” Sowell calls it. “If you go back into the ‘20s, you find that married-couple families were much more prevalent among Blacks. As late as 1930, Blacks have lower unemployment rates than whites.”

The Mises Institute printed an article from Gary Galles on June 30, 2020, where he cites Thomas Sowell’s distinction between the market and government.

“‘The market’ is nothing more than an option for each individual to choose among numerous existing institutions, or to fashion new arrangements suited to his own situation and taste. The government establishes … the answer to a given problem. ‘The Market’ is simply the freedom to choose among many existing or still-to-be-created possibilities .… Any comparison of market processes and governmental processes for making a particular set of decisions is a comparison between given institutions, prescribed in advance, and an option to select or create institutions ad hoc .… The advantages of market institutions over government institutions are not so much in their particular characteristics as institutions but in the fact that people can usually make a better choice out of numerous options than by following a single prescribed process.”

Dave Boudreau lives in Athol.


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