‘Two plus two will never equal five’


Published: 1/28/2020 9:35:15 AM

I’m writing in response to Pat Hynes “climate crisis” op-ed on Dec. 19 and other articles on the topic.

No doubt Pat has a lot of experience and is very intelligent. But Pat’s article sounded very similar to the scare tactics used by Al Gore. Will the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland melt completely and raise the sea level by 45 feet? That’s a good question.

However, Antarctic ice is growing slightly according this link.


Another source indicates the Antarctic ice is currently shrinking, but not at an alarming rate.


The impending death of all coral reefs is because of many things, according to this link.


It honestly sounds like Pat would like to see oil, gas, etc are never used. I don’t believe that drastic idea has been fully thought through. That doesn’t mean I’m denying climate change. The climate is always changing. The NOAA insists humans are responsible for it’s potentially devastating effects. If that is true, a 100% reversal on a dime isn’t the answer.

Intermittent energy sources aren’t substitutes for a base fuel that is readily available like oil, coal, propane, etc. Biomass should be considered, too. That doesn’t mean solar, wind, etc aren’t options.

Hemp has been heavily regulated, until recently. Hemp can be used for fuel and gas many other uses. Biofuel is a good option. The government needs to loosen its grip.

Is oil in great abundance? It doesn’t come from dinosaur bones that many of us were taught. Some say it comes from decaying organisms. Others say the earth produces oil, an abiotic process.



The Green New deal has been highly regarded. Why? When the government is the driving force, statism, socialism, and communism come to mind. We all had the same history class more or less, when we learned about the Soviet Union and how unpleasant it was to live there. Two plus two will never equal five, so stop insisting it does.

Dave Boudreau is a resident of Athol.

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