My Turn: ‘I believe we won’t know the truth to many things’

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Published: 4/25/2021 4:16:11 PM

This is part one in response to John Bos’ April 9 My Turn about “Belief vs. Acceptance” and other topics. Due to agendas and twisting information, I believe we won’t know the truth to many things.

You insist the word “belief” can only be applied to the domains of magic, religions, fear and hope. The Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries say differently.

Your hot button topics aren’t cut and dry. People have questions and want dialog.

Climate change legislation is being touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Supporters of solar won’t openly talk about the cons of solar, just the pros. What’s going to happen when the sun doesn’t shine much for a month? You’ll just say you’d better have enough batteries, right? What if a battery storage area isn’t feasible to begin with? What happens to my panels if my solar company goes under? Will solar grids here be connected to grids in other countries? Putting your eggs in one basket isn’t advisable. Will the use of fossil fuels be banned?

Cities and towns sought regulations for potential pot shops. That never happened with those publicly funded solar arrays until residents started speaking up. Weird.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg seems to have all the answers about our climate. Does learning stop in our early teens? Prodigies do exist, but she isn’t one. The young are pawns to the leftists.

Green energy is just one of the scams led by our government. Same as Social Security. Even though it has helped people, the government takes your money only to give some of it back. The only true green energy, for instance, is walking to work in clothes and footwear you made from scratch or bought from someone who did the same. Try making your own solar panels in the same way, using tools you crafted yourself. Didn’t the Egyptians have solar power? If it wasn’t for our meddling government, there would’ve been many alternates to oil including solar decades ago.

Voter fraud? Maybe, maybe not. Justin Amash, a former U.S. representative from Michigan, says no. Many on both sides say no, but some say yes. One of those many situations you’d like to be a fly on the wall.

The attacks on Jan. 6 of this year were bothersome, sad, horrible. But I also have questions about them. It was unorganized with some odd behavior. Some media called the attackers “patriots.” Those weren’t patriots. But the one-sided media drools at the opportunity to label gun-toting people as the bad guys. The true patriots died to allow everyone including the fascists to have a voice.

If I’m wrong, that’s OK. I wasn’t part of it nor did I support it. It had the appearance of being gift-wrapped. Like here’s the evidence we’ve been looking for. It is possible to see both sides and refrain from believing one or the other until convincing evidence is shown.

Just like people question 9/11. Did the twin towers collapse due to a melting metal structure or were they brought down on purpose by controlled detonation?

There are those who believe the coronavirus was intentionally made. Supposedly, China was testing it in a lab in 2019 or so.

The paycheck protection bill passed by Congress was a disaster. Many businesses couldn’t use the money, because of too many stipulations. Justin Amash said to send out checks instead. Have all businesses been reimbursed by the government who were told they weren’t allowed to open? Power grab?

Roads and bridges are written in the Constitution. But some believe they should be privately done. Social Security is legalized theft of private property, your paycheck. You trust the government too much.

You can look up American economist Thomas Sowell and what he says about racism, capitalism and socialism. There’s literally too much to state. Have a nice read or listen. Dozens of books, articles and interviews.

Those banks weren’t bailed out by an unregulated capitalist system. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her Indian heritage, was on the committee that gave the banks taxpayer monies. Maxine Waters, a U.S. representative from California, wanted protesters to get more confrontational in the streets if a guilty verdict wasn’t reached against Chauvin. How would this be a peaceful protest? Democrats get passes all the time.

Dave Boudreau is a resident of Athol.

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