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Michael Moses, Publisher

Clown mountain collider


Published: 11/7/2019 11:55:33 AM
Modified: 11/7/2019 11:55:22 AM

The tornado that is the Donald Trump presidency rips on apace across the vast expanse of constitutional space. Republicans barnstorm the steps of the secure office building where Democrats sequester testimony from the few brave officials from the administration willing to counter the narratives surrounding the Ukraine debacle. Republican demagogue Matt Gaetz leads the charge down the stairs with the band of feckless refugees wrapped in self-righteous indignation. Theater once again attempts to preempt the fact that the President and Giuliani sideshow deliberately sidestepped the duly appointed officials responsible for U.S. Ukrainian policy in a bold faced attempt to extort political concessions from its president, Volodymyr Zelensky. The Bidens were to be the political casualties. That’s as brief as I can make it but it doesn’t amount to much more than that besides all the many supporting cast members involved in this sideshow. Tornadoes always suck up everything in their paths spawning endless twisters, the chaos of self-deification at the expense of the electorate.

Meanwhile, Google announces its latest accomplishment, the quantum computer, hailing it as akin to the first flight, claiming it can do in 3 minutes 20 seconds what it would take a supercomputer more than 10,000 years to do (New York Times, Oct. 24). A lot of work needs to be done to progress it to practical applications but researchers at Google and IBM are optimistic it will come into practical application much sooner than later. Satirists would point out that Trump destroys in one tweet what it took our democracy 250 years to establish and maintain. Quantum government tweets reduce the emoluments clause, section 1, article 9 into microcosmic insignificance. All is lost in the scramble of misinformation and Giuliani self –contradictions, Mulvaney double speak, and Trumpian transmigrations through Disney World.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! The show you’ve all been waiting for. Ignore the reviews from the left wing noise machines. Their corruption is the issue! Come right on in, take a seat, there’s never been clearer evidence of obstruction by Democrats with their phony impeachment inquiries. Let’s get the hell out of Syria. Turkey can handle things. Isis is non-functioning, let Russia meddle all it wants, the Kurds are safer now than they’ve ever been, let them leave if they want, what’s the problem? Why should we be involved?” Answer: Because the European buffer zone to autocracy becomes more and more exposed and rulers like Erdowan of Turkey and Victor Orban in Hungary who pretend to be “autocrat lite” tip their hats to Vladimir Putin and proceed to advance his military interests unimpeded. One has to think that the Kurds knew all along that Trump might never be a reliable ally. He’s been transparent from the start. America doesn’t really have much left to offer him and the Democrats are just out to lie their way with a phony witch hunt, “so dishonest, so dishonest.” The base of people coasting on sodium pentothal have eased themselves into a groove that turns out to be a gutter, and Trump knows the gutter provides better cover for fatting the wealthy. Down there reality is soaked in self-righteousness and the promise of redemption without personal effort is all too alluring. Actual reality has never brought them peace of mind.

The fatigue that we all feel from the incessant barrage of events will not abate until the Trump presidency is brought to a halt. There’s no guarantee that chaos will feel stopped even with his defeat in 20/20. All the destruction of laws and legislation that was set up by Obama and previous administrations to create a more equitable society for the middle class, not to mention help those struggling, is ignored as collateral damage. A Kavanaugh Supreme Court will deliberately try to knock down statutes on abortion, GLBT rights, voting rights, ect. After all, constitutional democracy doesn’t need safeguards written into it any more. Presidential decree is much more easy and convenient so that the wealthy can prosper at the expense of the rest of us and we can retreat from involvement in a world that works much better when autocrats control society and a Republican Senate takes a snooze. Can Elizabeth Warren right the ship; Biden overcome Senate Republicans? The election results are crucial. Trump and associates must be permanently furloughed in 20/20 or we’ll be witnessing the ride down clown mountain collider in a coaster wagon of our own making.

Alan Harris, formerly chef of Noble Feast Catering, is a contributing My Turn writer, working to complete his first novel. Hiker, swimmer, singer, poet, he lives with wife Jane in Shelburne Falls.

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