My Turn: Democrats thank Republicans for this opportunity

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Published: 5/5/2022 3:52:37 PM
Modified: 5/5/2022 3:51:06 PM

Well, well, I woke this morning to yet another threat by Republicans and the far right. The threat of overturning Roe vs. Wade.

I’m thankful because this will mobilize Democrats like nothing else ever will, to vote. Men too, for they are parents as well. And now, due to Republicans urge to rule everything they touch, we may just have a chance at a life of democracy for four more years and avoid an autocracy. An autocracy in Trump’s honor! We will not bow down to the misogynistic force trying to drive our country back into the dark ages. Thank you to the conservative judges for drafting this document. You’ve opened a window of opportunity for Democrats to win their elections. It will backfire in your faces.

Just know, when you vote away abortion rights, you also vote away all reproductive rights for all people, including artificial insemination, invitro, planned parenthood and on and on and on it goes.

Those lovely children who were were made in ways other than traditional ways will be the last if Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

So, take your beliefs to church where they belong, not inflict them onto other human beings.

Until you’ve had an abortion, and I have, you have no idea the thought, worry and heartache that goes into a decision that will affect the rest of your life. And only mine, not yours. I have no shame for it was in my best interest to not have a child at the time. My health, my life. But it is a decision I was able to make and I have no regrets about it. We have one wonderful child, who is here on the planet and he has rights, too.

A fetus, less than 12 weeks along, has no rights as a human being. It may be different in your church, which is where people seem to be getting their information about science these days so there are some steep learning curves out there. And any church that encourages you to, “vote your faith” is pressuring you when they have no right to do so. Please don’t inflict your brand of religion on everyone else.

Please don’t vote with your uterus, your priest or pastor or your fear or ignorance. Vote with your brain. No one is asking you to have an abortion, that is still and always will be your choice. No one can or will force you to have one. At least not yet! Choice is what we’re striving for here, is it not?

Remember your mask and vaccine problem concerning choices? Again, not based on science, but feelings? Just about you, not others? Put your feelings away for a second and use your head, read, look it up, get information to help you but by all means, don’t trample on others’ right to make medical choices for their own bodies. By the way, two new variants of COVID, B4 and B5, are here so you may want to slap that mask back on. And last I knew, abortion wasn’t contagious.

For my LGBTQ+ friends, and I have many, they will lose the right to have children as well. Heck, probably the right to get married, too. Be sure to do an inventory of all of your friends and relatives to be sure they’ve followed what you think should be the rules. Do you or your loved ones have children not conceived in the traditional manner? Do you? If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, should you “return” them, somehow? This is a can of deadly worms if it’s opened.

The court will not leave Roe vs. Wade alone. Most states will not leave it alone either. It is the law, was hard fought and where women’s rights go, so go the rights of others.

Ellen Villani lives in Greenfield.


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