My Turn: Evict the main perpetrator from office

  • Trump supporters gather outside the Capitol, Jan. 6, in Washington.  AP

Published: 1/13/2021 9:06:43 PM

Last Wednesday, a violent mob several thousand strong attacked the Capitol building in Washington D.C. explicitly to interfere with the function of the U.S. government. Many in the mob openly stated their goal to kill members of Congress and the vice president, who fled to secret locations while windows were smashed, offices were looted, sensitive files and computers were stolen, and gallows were set up outside.

Thousands of National Guard troops were eventually required to drive the attackers out of the building and off the premises. More than 50 members of the police force defending the building were hurt and two have died. At least three of the mob also died during or after the event.

The instigator, of course, was Donald J Trump. It is unbelievable that the Legislature has not already performed its Constitutional mandate to protect the country — and itself — from his dangerously tyrannical behavior.

Checks and balances exist among the three branches of our government to prevent any one of them from overstepping its bounds. Cultivating a violent mob and directing it to attack another branch is very definitely not one of them. However, the impeachment and ouster of an unhinged president was specifically described by the founders of the country as a tool to protect popular sovereignty and preserve governmental function.

If Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol is not an egregious assault against the founding principles of the American Constitution and against participatory government in general, then none exists.

Senators, representatives, Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Executive Cabinet — no matter their party affiliation — should all be immediately doing everything in their power to evict the main perpetrator from office. Any encouragement we can give them should be loud, clear, and unequivocal.

Michael Bukowick is a resident of Northfield.

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