Now is the time for new DPW garage

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Many have questioned why the Town of Montague needs an $11 million, 25,502-square-foot “garage” as is being proposed and recommended by the Montague Public Works Facility Planning Committee. Most of the concerns our committee has heard involve the cost and size.

First of all, may I suggest that we all (myself included) take the word “garage” out of the discussion. This is a facility which is designed to meet the safety and environmental needs of a professional municipal workplace not only today but for at least the next 50 years. Not only does it have a garage for vehicle storage, but also workshop spaces, vehicle repair bays, offices, and employee facilities such as a locker room and break room.

Why should we house so many vehicles and equipment pieces indoors; can’t they just be kept outside like most residents’ vehicles? The fact is that the proposed facility will house the same number of vehicles indoors as the current DPW does, it just does so in a much safer and organized manner which allows employees and other vehicles and equipment to maneuver and work safely, as well as keep all those items immediately accessible for quick deployment.

There would also be an open canopy attached to the building for covered parking of other less critical and less expensive equipment. The square footage proposed, and the cost associated for this size, are in line with comparable facilities built in towns with similar needs and demands as ours.

Construction costs are not going down. Any further delay to this project for the sake of reevaluating things that this committee already has carefully analyzed and considered will ultimately be a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

I ask that you vote “yes” on May 21 for the article to fund this new facility.

Mark Williams