Back these school board candidates

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Politics can’t get much closer to home than our local School Committee race.

Many of our children attended Gill-Montague schools, and some of them now have students following in their footsteps. Some of us have served on the Gill-Montague Regional Committee, and are well aware of the academic demands and financial concerns facing our district. Several of us are educators who bring an inside perspective.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need candidates who can look forward to explore, consider, understand, lead, and act on the challenges of the future. Haley Anderson, Jennifer Lively, Michael Langknecht, and Timmie Smith are ready, among other things, to work on a sustainable budget, make progress with a stable administration, bridge divisions with the perspective of three generations of residence, and advocate for the best schools possible.

In a time when our democracy depends on students learning how to choose reliable sources of information, these candidates have demonstrated an understanding and commitment to building a strong and inclusive school district. Please join us in supporting these candidates who come with experience, commitment, vision, and leadership skills, and vote for Haley Anderson, Jennifer Lively, Michael Langknecht, and Timmie Smith.

Emily Samuels, Dorothy Storrow, Betsy Evans, Anne Wiley, Lissa Greenough, Susan LaScala