Wall around sand a waste of funds

Monday, January 08, 2018

It’s time to tear down the Buckland Wall that has been built around the sand shed where citizens are supposed to be able to get sand, and send the wall materials to President Trump to be used on his “Border Wall.”

This mean-spirited, ill-advised idea that was perpetrated upon the citizens by the Board of Selectmen, as requested by the road boss, has made it impossible for disabled veterans, senior citizens and handicapped persons to participate in the program. They are not able to fill a bucket and have to carry it a long way out to their vehicles.

It all started years ago when it was alleged a contractor was caught taking sand and his license plate number was obtained. If this was the case, and it was deemed petty theft, go after the perpetrator; don’t punish your hard working citizens.

This wall has been constructed at great expense — several huge concrete barriers were installed. Lets use a low figure and say the expense was $5,000. It has been estimated that if every household in town took a couple pails of sand per year, the total cost to the town would $50. It would take the town 100 years to recoup their investment, therefore I’m requesting immediate action by the Board of Selectmen to rectify this unjustifiable legislation.

In absence of quick action, I’m requesting a article be placed on the next annual town warrant.

Roger (Heze) Ward