‘Finally peace can take place’

Published: 11/27/2019 8:24:57 AM

On Nov. 12, the Israeli Army killed Baha Abu al-Ata, a high-level official in the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and responsible for many casualties, in a precision strike. In the two days following the assassination, the Islamic Jihad fired 450 rockets into Israel with the express purpose of killing anyone they possibly could. That works out to about one rocket every six minutes constantly day and night.

People living within range of those missiles spent two or three days in bomb shelters or the safe room in their house. Did you know that Israeli housing codes mandate every apartment building to have a bomb shelter and houses to have a safe room which can be sealed off from the outside and withstand bombs? There is also the “Iron Dome” which seeks out rockets in midair and destroys them before they can hit the ground.

The majority of people, particularly children, living in the area close to Gaza suffer from PTSD and trauma due to being fired on constantly. In the bomb shelter, there is no sleeping, no healthy eating, just air raid sirens every six minutes. When the Red Alert goes off, people have 15 seconds to make it to shelter.

Think about waking up children or an elderly person in the middle of the night and running for your life with the siren blaring. Before you think “Oh this is Israel’s fault; If they would just stop doing X, everything would be alright,” remember that the sole purpose of Islamic Jihad is the destruction of Israel. How do you negotiate with someone who thinks you do not have the right to exist? First, they have to accept the legitimacy of a Jewish country in the Middle East. Then, negotiations, and finally peace can take place.

Rhonda Wainshilbaum


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