Mystery gun procedures

Friday, March 09, 2018

During the school week of Feb. 12 to 16 (the exact date was never revealed), a BB pellet gun was found in a student’s backpack at the Greenfield Middle School. According to state law, General Law, Part IV, Chapter 269, Section 12B: “No minor under the age of 18 shall have an air rifle or so-called BB gun in his possession while in any place to which the public has a right of access …”

After hearing rumors of the incident, my wife and I contacted the school’s principal — with copy to the superintendent — on Feb. 22, roughly a week after the incident. His response was that procedures were followed and that we should address further inquiries to the superintendent’s office. Within hours after our inquiry, the chief of police contacted WWLP to report the incident. In an apparent attempt of damage control, the superintendent wrote letters to parents on Feb. 23, plus a post on the Greenfield Public Schools’ website, assuring that procedures were followed and that at no time was there any harm to the students.

My question is, what exactly are these procedures that were followed? Why weren’t parents informed in a timely manner? Yes, the gun was not loaded, but was there a search for ammunition? The most disturbing finding is that it is easily possible to carry a gun into Greenfield schools. To make things worse, Greenfield schools admit visitors under the assumption that they come into the school’s office for sign-in, but what happens if they don’t?

Wilfried Voss