Prohibit pols from acting in support of any party

Published: 12/7/2018 9:27:52 AM
Prohibit pols from acting in support of any party

Thanks to Paul Abrahams for his letter printed on Nov. 21, stating why impeaching President Trump would be a mistake. My thoughts, exactly.

Here is something I would like to see Congress do: ask the General Accounting Office to research for the last three or four administrations how much presidents have spent for Air Force One and additional costs of security to transport the president all over the country doing political speeches, rallies, and other activities unrelated to his job. I am sure these expenses have been escalating.

Then introduce a bill prohibiting the president from using government support in any way for all political activity while in office. Presidents have usually made a decent effort to appear to want to represent the whole country. That seems no longer to be the case.

I would love to see presidents be impartial in executing their office, just as is expected of judges. If they took their role seriously as president of all the people, not just of their own party, and acted with integrity in spending the people’s money, there would be no need for regulation.

Sadly, standards get lower year by year, and the time has come to prohibit activities in support of any political party or organization.

Judith Truesdell


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