Number one terrorist nation

Published: 7/1/2019 10:04:53 AM

I hate like hell to say it but truth be told we, not Iran, are the number one terrorist nation. Internationally and domestically we are bullies of a top order. In 2001 we invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq and then Syria and now four more nations; and now we are on the edge of major war against Iran.

Internationally we have killed hundred of thousands of innocents, way beyond any other nation, and domestically we have children who under our “care” have died and others made to live under horrendous conditions. Horrendous enough that numerous experts have called our detention areas “concentration camps” (without the gas chambers and swastikas); and we do this intentionally. Six have died under our lack of care.

We could treat children with decency and compassion but choose to do the opposite. We try to starve Iran and Yemen, so close to an act of war that one is both amazed and nauseated. And we had a president who had a “kill list,” including Americans on it, for our drones to take out without due process. Is this what we have become?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, as Pogo the possum would say “We have met the enemy and they are us.” It will take some mighty doing to get ourselves out of the “Evil Empire” category. Sadly, I suspect we won’t.

Tom Tolg


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