Charlene Manor delivers excellent care

Monday, January 29, 2018

Every January, I like to reflect on the prior year and all I am thankful for. Sometimes, the greatest blessings occur during times of sadness.

Last May, my 52-year-old brother from Florida suffered a stroke, resulting in right-sided paralysis and inability to speak. The doctors did not think he would live. I made several trips to stay with him as he continued to make progress against the odds. On July 25 I brought him to Charlene Manor — a skilled nursing facility here in town where he could continue to receive nursing and rehab services.

I have been a nurse for 25 years and despite knowing Charlene Manor was a good place, I worried for my brother being dependent on others and unable to make his needs known. From day one, the team at Charlene amazed me. The nurses, CNAs, physical, occupational and speech therapists give great care; they have learned his likes and dislikes, they encourage him and celebrate his accomplishments. I have watched staff interact with him, their obvious compassion bringing tears to my eyes.

Now, 8 months after his stroke, my brother is saying many words. He is walking with a cane. He is starting to move his right arm and hand. He is strong and determined, but he would not be where he is without the loving care of this team. There is a big difference between giving care and truly caring. The team at Charlene Manor delivers care from their hearts. They support and heal people; they connect hearts and minds. I so appreciate their respectful, professional care.

This letter is to publicly thank them for all they have done and continue to do for my brother everyday, and to tell them our family will forever be grateful.

Kathy Stosz