Columnist changed my food buying habits forever

Monday, November 13, 2017

I was sorry to read that Mary McClintock will be leaving the Savoring the Seasons column. She is exceptionally well suited for her new position at Community Action as community collaboration coordinator. What Mary did with her column was to foster a Franklin County community while offering recipes, making important and interesting announcements, and celebrating the farmers, their families and the local food producers who make this region unique.

As a lifelong resident, I confess to taking for granted our beautiful and fertile land but, thanks to Mary, not anymore! Her column has changed my buying and spending habits, forever. My most frequent questions when viewing produce, meat, cheese and cider is where did it come from and who made it? We have the opportunity to support our neighbors with our economic decisions. Mary’s column has been an economic development tool for our local agricultural sector.

I hope the Recorder will continue a food column that celebrates our local food movement and continues to weave us together as a community.

Mary Siano