Published: 11/22/2021 8:42:52 AM
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On Nov. 9, 1989 East Germany threw open the gates splitting Germany into East and West after 40 plus years.

East Germany was controlled by the USSR (Union of Socialist States Republic) while West Germany had a Democratic government. Goods were delivered to West Berlin by the “Berlin Airlift” for three years. The purpose of the 12-foot high cement wall was to keep those on the East side from escaping to the West. Untold numbers lost their lives trying for get to the freedom offered by the West.

The quality of life offered by the East was far below that offered by the West. Those buildings destroyed by the war located in the West were quickly rebuilt whereas rebuilding in the East had less importance.

Manufacturing in the East used out-of- date machines resulting in poorly made finish products. Meanwhile industry flourished in the West due to the freedom from the obstacles which are mandates forced on industry by Socialism

Poland was not part of the original USSR but it was assimilated as part of the East controlled by the USER after the World War II.

The period of time between the end of the war and when the boundary between East and West Europe was opened was called a “Cold War.” There was always a threat that it would turn hot but detente prevailed. The USA and the USSR kept bombers at the ready and flew close to each other’s boundaries. Long-range and gap filler radars kept watch of the sky. A-bomb topped missiles were installed throughout mid-USA ready to retaliate any attack. Schools had air-attack training having the students hide under their desks.

John H Shippee Jr.



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