Why we should license guns

Friday, March 09, 2018

The NRA says, “If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.” I say that if guns are made legal, then outlaws will not have legal guns.

How do we accomplish this? It’s simple, just set up a registration and licensing system like we have for cars. It could even be handled by the RMV. A license is acquired by passing a background check and perhaps a competency test of some kind. A license card with a picture ID would be issued by the RMV. Some existing gun owners might be grandfathered in for their license.

Certain law violations could cause the license to be suspended and the registry would be notified. The registry would maintain the license list. A gun seller would only have to contact the registry to confirm that the buyer’s license was valid at the time of the sale, and then register the gun’s make and serial number and the seller’s and buyer’s license numbers.

Illegal guns, or guns without serial numbers, could not be registered and their possession would be a crime. Anyone with a license could legally buy or sell a gun as long the registration process is observed. This process will make it much harder for outlaws to acquire guns. Gun owners might object to this slightly more involved process, but imagine how many more auto deaths would occur each year if we allowed outlaws to drive by abolishing the licensing and registration requirements for cars.

Ted Scott