What happened that day

Published: 9/13/2021 9:01:35 AM

We’ll soon be observing the 20th anniversary of the felling of the towers at the World Trade Center and the horrendous loss of life we witnessed that day. None of us who were not actually in the towers can really imagine what it was like for the victims, but we can honor them by our remembrances. Which leads me to a question: do we fully honor and respect their loss if we refuse to examine what happened that day?

Our “understanding” of the collapse of the Twin Towers, and of Building 7, is based on the official report of NIST, which does not explain the event. According to the report, NIST determined that impact and consequent fire caused structural failure which led to the collapse of upper floors onto the lower sections of the buildings. And the analysis stops there. It makes no attempt to explain the reduction of two steel frame skyscrapers into dust and broken girders. It simply assumes that the weight of the falling sections was adequate to cause the cascading failure and near free fall of the buildings. Ask any self-respecting physicist if Newton’s Laws allow such a conclusion.

We have been eager to ignore that basic, fatal flaw in the “official” record along with scientific data and eyewitness testimony, and to label those who would follow the evidence as “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists.” In honor of those who died, please do not allow them to be forever buried under lies. We owe it to them to ask for even just one rational, scientific analysis of the event in place of the mythic NIST version. If one such study exists that supports the official version of the collapse, show it to me and I will make a contribution in your name to the charity of your choice.

Dyson Shultz



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