Earth and its resources are limited

Published: 1/20/2020 9:33:00 AM

A recent My Turn by John Bos wandered around problems of politics, capitalism and climate change to hit the underlying truth we are hitting from many sides.  The basic reality is that the Earth is limited, it contains limited resources in many ways.  Our whole worldwide system is based on having growth as the ultimate solution for any issue; regardless of the political system, the answer is always do more of something to solve it.  Any of the basic studies of the environment find this, whether the 1972 Club of Rome simulation study, Limits to Growth, or 1968 Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the commons, or older yet, Rachel Carson's “Silent Spring” or Population Bomb and echoed by the 1000’s of books, studies and simulations since, they all come to the same conclusion, the Earth is limited and at some point basic limits will be hit in one way or another. Any political argument saying climate change is not real relies on a basic falsehood that we’re not big enough to affect the whole world. As individuals sure seems that way — take close to 8 billion people, all too many of whom have or are shooting to have a higher standard of living each day, and all calculations say the same thing — it can not continue definitely.

The final irony is that the most fanatical group, the Evangelical Christian Right, will, by not believing in science, will get their most fervent wish: The Ultimate Apocalypse.

Rich Roth


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