Councilor shocked at caricature of Sund, recalls own treatment

Published: 2/13/2019 9:51:49 AM
Councilor shocked at caricature of Sund, recalls own treatment

I watch in horror as a caricature of Greenfield Councilor Verne Sund spreads on social media. A few years ago that was me but they were racist emails sent to various businesses and residents.

I know how I felt and wished others who received it didn’t have to look at them. Councilor Isaac Mass told me it is part of being in government, and it happens to many politicians, but I fully disagreed. I still do.

City Council President Rudy Renaud went through this as well. I think this actually mutes the purpose of what it’s intended to make people feel about Verne Sund. In fact, I’m willing to guess he will have more supporters.

For myself, I was present for two of the incidents (in which Sund made remarks that some found offensive) and spoke to Sund afterward. Why can I simply move on? Because I shared my thoughts face to face.

We have elections and anyone is able to take papers out to run. Again through social media, Councilor Mass equated Councilor Sund’s defiencies with mine. So, if I vote the way someone doesn’t like and I misspeak, am I the next caricature? While the city figures out where to place their alliances, I’m going to keep showing up to do the best I can.

When I look all the way to my right, there will be Councilor Sund, who comes the closest if not exact to me in meeting attendance. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my heart isn’t packed away while I serve. In fact, it’s the reason both myself and Councilor Sund serve, albeit differently.

We stand on opposite sides of the library but on the same side of wanting to serve.

Penny Ricketts

City Councilor

Greenfield Recorder

14 Hope Street
Greenfield, MA 01302-1367
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