Reusable bags aren’t a hassle

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Many local communities have plastic bag bans or are considering it. However, people seem to think that reusable bags are bacteria laden from previous groceries. Most of our groceries are prepackaged in boxes, plastic or glass so they won’t be affected by the bags. It seems to me that what will affect the cleanliness of the bags are meat that may leak, dairy that might leak or melted ice cream! The beauty of reusable bags is that they are washable. If a person feels that their bags are dirty after shopping, then throw them in the washer just like you would your clothes. Or if they are a plastic base variety of reusable bag from grocery stores, then they can be washed with a sponge, detergent and maybe a little bleach

Reusable bags use a lot less oil and water when used over and over and cut down on waste that goes into the landfill. Plastic bags are made from oil and don’t biodegrade. Many do recycle their plastic bags, but those that are not recycled break down into small pieces which can be deadly for animals when ingested. While paper is easier to recycle and is biodegradable, many trees are cut and a several chemicals are used in the process of making them. I urge everyone to use their cloth bags and wash them just like they do their clothes when they get dirty.

So let’s keep the plastic bag ban and encourage more towns to ban it for the health of our environment.

Kathy Richards