Plastic bags

Published: 2/13/2020 9:07:35 AM

We need to make a change. Plastic is tearing up the world and especially the ocean. If we put a ban on plastic bags in Greenfield, then we should also put a ban on the plastic bags that newspapers get put in, not in one year or ten, but as soon as possible. As it says in the Greenfield Recorder about the ban on plastic bags, it took six years for the decision to be made. If this is how long it’s going to take for every little decision we’re going to get nowhere.There are other solutions than plastic.

In addition to contributing to climate change, plastic harms so many sea creatures. According to, every single day 8 million pieces of plastic get thrown into the ocean. Yearly, on average 12.7 million tonnes of plastic get put into the ocean. In addition, so many sea creatures are dying, because of what humans are doing. 100,00 sea creatures and 1 million seabirds die every year from being tangled in plastic, and 100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs.

So, think about how many people get the Greenfield Recorder. If each one is wrapped in plastic, that’s too much to waste. So, it is our job to make a change. An alternative option is, everyone should be required to have a reusable bag, or container, that is not a waste, and will not get damaged in any weather. Climate change is a big issue, and we need to start to take action now!

Charlotte Relyea-Strawn, age 12


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