‘Difficult to be a conservative these days’

Published: 4/7/2021 11:03:28 AM

In regards to the recent My Turn article by John P. O’Rourke, I am upset. It didn’t take much reading into the article for me to start to get mad, then it just got worse. And you know why? Because everything he wrote was factual and spot on and it made me very jealous that I didn’t write it.

It’s very difficult to be a conservative these days, especially in our area that is dominated by the liberal left. Reading the Recorder daily and the deluge of articles by people trying to outdo each other labeling President Trump and his supporters with the most derogatory names can be pretty sickening.

It’s nice to see someone like Mr. O’Rourke have the courage to present facts that support conservative views.

Then today I have to read a letter to the editor by Daniel Goldstein that says Mr. O’Rourke’s articles should not be printed. Typical liberal/socialist thinking: if you don’t agree with it, get it censored. Sounds like Nazi Germany maybe?

Tom Peabody

South Deerfield

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