Letter: Cruel policy

Monday, July 09, 2018

Taking crying children from their parents, pulling nursing babies from their distraught mothers, caging children, giving them foil “blankets” and having interpreters tell them it will all be OK?

Come on, people, you have absolutely GOT to be kidding. President Donald Trump chooses to blame the Democrats because he, as usual, wants a scapegoat. There is no law which mandates taking children from their parents. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump and their no-tolerance policy equals a no-compassion, no-humanity policy and quoting some lame biblical passage does not provide an excuse for this despicable behavior.

How any of you Trump supporters can think this is OK escapes me. Either you are in complete denial of how horrendous he and his cronies are, or you have deluded yourselves into believing in policies that ignore the very desperate situations these mistreated, and, generally, poor individuals are trying to escape.

We are a nation of immigrants. All of us. Face it. And welcome others who are just seeking a life free of fear. To arrive in this most wealthy of countries only to be subjected to such shockingly inhumane treatment is just plain wrong. It was already bad enough that Trump disbelieves climate change, cares nothing about the environment, offends country after country with his ignorant ways, promotes bigotry, sexism, and racism. Now he condones Sessions’ misuse of power, with children forced into federal shelters, their parents left with no idea if and when they’ll see them again.

This is not the first time children have been separated from their parents. Perhaps you remember Nazi Germany?

Jean Page