My Turn about scam calls

Friday, February 02, 2018

Mike Muller’s “My Turn” on unwanted phone solicitations is 100 percent correct. I have gotten all of the scam calls he mentioned.

I have two phone numbers. One has caller ID with voice mail, and one does not have either and cannot call out to most numbers. The number with caller ID is handled by looking at the ID and answering the number based on the intended recipient. If it is for me, answer it. If someone else who uses the phone (say another resident’s brother), I let voicemail kick in and take the message.

Unknown numbers, of which there are many, are usually left for voicemail. Many of these calls simply go away to disconnect if not answered, which makes a person wonder as to why it is being made at all.

The number without caller ID has to be answered in all cases. There are numerous offers for “free” Life Alert systems, free trips to exotic locations, notices of IRS audits and donation requests for seemingly every organization in the world.

The phone owner in either case has to stop his activity and answer (or with caller ID look at) the phone. This is especially annoying, as most people do not want to stop their activity for this useless stuff as the phone is a very useful tool when used as it was designed.

Well, Mike and his mom want it stopped, as do Jacalyn, Roger, myself and most phone users in the world.

Hopefully, someone in authority gets his/her share of crank calls and will do something about it.

Alexander Owseichik