Reflections on the election

Published: 11/28/2019 8:02:28 AM

I went to the polls at the high school entering the parking lot from the southern direction. I saw lots or cars and no people out front. I kept to the right and went out back, but there were no signs telling me to do so. Parking was crowded but I found a spot somewhat near the door. Being disabled with difficulty walking, this is important. I noticed the handicap spots were all empty and they had blue covers over the sign. Indicating to me no parking here. I did not see any police, only one parking guard.

I entered the building and found my precinct. I was one of those people that came to vote on one specific item. No safe city for me.

When I had a strong opinion for or against a candidate, I voted on that line. If no opinion or neutral, I skipped the line. And where the number of candidates listed was at or less than the number of seats, I usually skipped the line allowing more knowledgeable people a bigger percentage per vote.

On the library question, I did a “no” because of the presentations in the newspaper. There were lots of complaints about the current building and no options presented except to pay a gazillion dollars to fix the old one or destroy the fire station and build a massive new building there. No other options or locations were suggested and no reason was given why the current fire station is inadequate. Or why we even need a library at all.

So, newspaper, a person who votes took the time to go there and had a reason why every vote was made or not made.

When I left via Silver Street, there were the throngs of people supporting someone. Some teachers were prancing about looking for a pay raise and this was not even a ballot issue.

Next time, I hope the front door is used as there are not enough parking spaces out back.

Alan Owseichik


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