Letter: Cars too hot for dogs

Thursday, July 12, 2018

It’s that time of year again and I always hope that dog owners will have smartened up over the winter. Not so. I am entering a parking lot in Greenfield, it is sunny and 75 degrees. An SUV is parked with the front end in the partial shade. Mom and grandma are shopping in an air conditioned store. Little Fifi is in the hot car with her tongue hanging out and panting.

I call 911. A dogs temp is higher than ours and they only sweat a bit through their nose and paws. Lots of body area and fur cover to cool. It takes 19 minutes for that car to heat to 99 degrees and 30 minutes to 123. When your dog’s temp goes to 103, your dog will overheat, and at 106, your dog can have a stroke and die. Senior dogs and puppies are at greater risk.

Leave your dog at home. Is it worth the risk of you losing your pet? Dogs have an attention span of about 27 seconds. Before you are out of the drive they are snoozing and dreaming of dog things. Leave your dog at home. Cracking the window does not help. Crack open your oven door and it is still hot in there.

Call 911 if you see a dog left in a car. Save a life. Please, please, please leave your dog at home.

Maribeth Oakes