Go easy on spending, Greenfield

Friday, January 12, 2018

Greenfield is well over $60 million in debt and the mayor wants to spend a potential $20 million to $30 million more this year on projects. Well over 10 percent of our 2018 budget will go to paying back principal and interest on loans. This percentage is increasing year after year.

The city is over spending. Stop Spending Greenfield is group of concerned citizens working towards more financial stability and sustainability. Services are most important, but as we keep spending irresponsibly, a larger and larger percentage of our yearly budget will be devoted to paying back debt, instead of investing in our services and departments. We need to have a voice and to let other residents know there are many people in town who feel spending is out of control.

We want less spending, lower taxes, and don't want our municipal service budgets cut. Please join the Stop Spending Greenfield Facebook page and get involved.

 David Moscaritolo