Concerned about our nation’s future

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Quite a number of years ago, Parade Magazine carried a guest article by the late Sen. Paul Simon. It was an article that should not have been forgotten. The proposition was, “If you think fighting over oil is bad, wait until we start fighting over water.”

Now we have arrived at a time when we need to take this matter seriously. By the way, he was a presidential candidate once upon a time, and he had my vote in the primary election. The corporate powers that be, and the corporately owned politicians, could not allow such a principled person into the Oval Office.

Since I am on the older side of the population, and remember some of our history of the 20th century, plus having read and studied a good bit of history, I want to point out a present situation that is of deep concern to me. Any of you who read this and disagree, I only ask that you check this out for yourselves. Massachusetts is considered the “bluest” of the “blue,” but there are some citizens whose views are as “red” as the “reddest” of my home state of Alabama. No, Roy Moore is no relation. An example: A friend since first grade, through high school and college, no longer speaks to me because I live in Massachusetts and “don’t know anything.”

What will not leave my mind, and my serious concern, is that we now have a president, and his administration, whose rhetoric, policies and actions are very much like the Mussolini era fascism. It doesn’t happen overnight. It grows until it becomes acceptable. Fascism and Nazism are basically the same.

I do not know how many of our patriotic young men and women have put their lives on the line, given their lives, to protect our nation, our democracy, from these nationalistic, political ideologies. Nationalism and war, and racism, are a basic part of who they are.

Please, do your own research and carefully listen to Donald Trump. The man is a fascist. Almost all of his cabinet appointments are plutocrats, or their lackeys, as in pre-World War II fascist Italy.

Don’t believe me. Just please do your own research.

I fear for our nation’s future. So should you.

Jim Moore