Let’s make informed decision on Safe Community Bylaw

Thursday, December 14, 2017

As everyone in town now knows, there has been some controversy over the Safe Community Bylaw at Conway’s October special town meeting, which was “tabled” without discussion, but with disappointment and frustration on the part of many.

However, this article will appear on the warrant for the spring annual meeting.

There have been articles and letters addressing this issue since that meeting. Concerned citizens and proposers of the article have met with the Selectboard since that meeting to express their concern. The town meeting and these Selectboard meetings are available for viewing on FCAT.

As a former selectman, it is my hope that we will be informed and participating citizens at the annual meeting. Please read the articles and letters and watch the recorded meetings. In spite of differences of opinion and our understanding of the bylaw, let us have a civil and informed discussion of this proposal.

Jim Moore