Gesture unappreciated by hospital staff

Monday, January 08, 2018

I just want to share the upsetting and prejudicial experience I had at Baystate Franklin Hospital recently.

My brother-in-law was admitted in the middle of the night. He has gone there numerous times for issues such as he had that night, and he always leaves “against medical advice,” so the staff there is no doubt frustrated with him. I went there to see him, but first stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up 18 doughnuts for the staff. As I put them on the counter, letting the seven or eight people know they were for them, every single person, except one, looked at me like I was trailer trash and said not a word to me, except the one lady, who thanked me twice.

I was disgusted and offended to be treated like that. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. I understand their frustration with my brother-in-law. However, that is no reason to treat another person, who was only thinking of them, as if they are dirt due to being related someone they don’t like. Do unto others as you would have done onto yourself and show a little gratitude toward others who treat you with kindness and respect.

Louise Milotte