Laimbeer, Trump and ranked voting

Published: 12/16/2019 1:23:09 PM

Yes, yes, everything Allen Woods says is true (Fear and loathing in Washington D.C., Nov. 20). So how, still, can so many people support Trump?

One only has to look at the Detroit Pistons in the 1990s. Bill Laimbeer, their center, was one of the dirtiest players in basketball and reviled by basketball fans everywhere. Except Detroit. They loved him. If you were in Detroit, would you want to see Laimbeer ejected, no matter how egregious the foul he just committed? And let the Celtics win? No way.

Our politics have become like our sports. Those on the left have little understanding of how much those on the right hate the Democrats. Yeah, Trump is dirty, but better than letting the Democrats back in power.

Which brings me to ranked voting. We’re stuck with the Red and Blue teams, and tremendous angst in the Blue team about, not who is the best candidate, but who can beat the Red team’s Bill Laimbeer.

Imagine if, instead of two choices, the next election had a Progressive (say Warren), a centrist Democrat (say Biden), Trump, and a Libertarian (say Weld). And we could rank our choices? Those on the left could vote for either Warren or Biden as first choice, and the other as second. And if they really hated Trump, Weld for third.

Those on the right who might really want a conservative agenda, but have misgivings about Trump, could vote for Weld as their first choice and Trump as the second. Or the other way around if they loved Trump, but wanted to make sure a conservative got their vote.

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