Fan of McClintock’s column

Monday, November 13, 2017

I want to let you know how much I have appreciated Mary McClintock’s “Savoring the Seasons” food column these past 10 years, and I am sad to hear she is leaving, but excited for her as she moves on to her new job. She will be missed.

Her column was the first thing I would read on Wednesday, and I have loved her enthusiasm and wonderful stories and connections here in our area and in her travels. She presented such an amazing variety of information on locally grown food, those who produce it, and wonderful and unique recipes to try out as various foods come into season, which of course involved the participation of the many readers who she met or who contacted her with contributions to share.

So, I hope this column can continue in some form — either by finding another writer willing to take over her weekly column or by having guest writers (perhaps a few regulars) willing to continue this in some format if possible. It would be a shame to lose this focus on our fabulous locally grown food scene as it is one of the truly amazing things we have going in our area.

Dorothy McIver