Please stop killing my trees

Published: 5/7/2021 6:46:07 AM

Last October dozens of the finest trees in our forest were felled; and it is your fault.

These were large trees in their prime, capable of capturing even more carbon than your gas lawnmower poops out. Why did you have to kill them?

They were felled in a freak wind storm, a common consequence of Climate Change. You caused Climate Change by continuing to drive a fossil car and by not exchanging your gas-powered lawnmower for an electric one.

Do you heat your house with gas or oil? Stop it! You are killing trees (and perhaps your children).

For many months a debate has raged in this paper about how to manage state forests. Our forests are important; they can absorb about 5% of the carbon dioxide our fossil fueled economy belches forth. But state-owned forests are a fraction of the total.

Even if one method of management was much better than the other (and I doubt it is) at most 1% of our carbon foot print could be affected. That leaves 99% that is your fault.

While we rant about logging, the wind is knocking down trees. It does not take a weatherman to know why that will continue. We all have to pay attention to what matters most and that is burning fossil fuel in transportation and heating. We can worry about shopping, shopping bags and hamburgers but the grass is growing under our feet. Cut it. Just do it with a powerful, quiet, trouble free, battery electric mower.

Stop burning fossil fuel. Stop killing our trees.

Jack Lochhead



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