In a recent Recorder ...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I found three related items of interest in a recent paper from Sept. 30.

One was a letter which called liberals “fragile.” It strikes me that anyone who perceived Barack Obama as “consistently badmouthing police officers, our military, and our country” and feels “terrorized” by those who want to move Confederate statues to more appropriate locations is not only quite “fragile” himself, but downright delusional.

On the other hand, Cambridge librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro’s outspoken, derogatory assessment of Dr. Seuss is precisely the sort of thing that feeds right-wing paranoia and makes liberals look ridiculous. One hopes her remarks were inspired more by the person who donated the books (Melania Trump) than by Dr. Seuss’ humor. It’s true that donating Dr. Seuss books — one might guess that most school libraries already have them — is not as cool as helping kids exercise and grow their own vegetables so they won’t be fat, but it’s hard to garden in stiletto heels, and that’s still not a reason to diss our native son.

So let me conclude with three cheers for the Leverett Alliance’s “Bridging Divides” group, which is looking to promote dialogue in place of diatribe.

Kathe Geist