‘A must read for all of our citizens’

Published: 7/8/2020 3:25:14 PM

Hats off to Gary Bourbeau for his my turn entitled “An addition to the original Declaration of Independence.”

With great insight and observation of what is taking place in our country today both locally and nationally, Gary shared truths that get to the heart of the problems facing our localities and country.

Some of the things our Founding Fathers expressed in the original Declaration of Independence are quite clearly seen as concerns in modern America today. Just a different time, different classes of people and tyrannical people chewing away at our First Amendment freedoms.

His my turn is a must read for all of our citizens.

Thank you Gary Bourbeau for the great insight you shared. I think the next crazy chaotic political movement will be by those trying to do away with our original Declaration of Independence. If we don’t learn from history, history will repeat itself.

Of course they don’t teach history like they use to. Our youth today don’t know what our history was in the past, so they don’t know where we are really at today nor where we will be tomorrow.

David Levandusky


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