Who gets the last word

Published: 10/16/2020 10:12:00 AM

It is fitting that John O’Rourke titled his Oct. 8, My Turn piece “The last word,” he, like Donald Trump, who interrupted Joe Biden and the moderator 128 times in the first presidential debate, is fixated on having the last word.

But John, you cannot have the last word. The voters of Conway have already had the last word. They overwhelmingly voted you out of office last June.

Conservatives, moderates, liberals, people who have lived in Conway all their lives and those who recently arrived were no longer willing to tolerate your dismissive, bullying disrespect of those who disagreed with you.

And instead of learning anything from the fact that the town united to defeat you, you continue to blame a “leftist mob” that exists only in your head for your defeat.

No, John, you can’t have “The last word.” The citizens of Conway already had it — 357 to 104.

Thomas Lesser, Esq.


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