Return money to taxpayers

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

While many Massachusetts taxpayers struggled to pay their taxes, many Massachusetts state police officers falsified their time sheets to steal money from taxpayers with unworked hours. These troopers salaries averaged $145,413 and many made more than the governor of the state.

Theirs is a case study of what happens when people are given far too much. They end up wanting only one thing — more. Now, instead of being apologetic or making amends, the police union is opposing the installation of GPS units in 1,087 cruisers to keep troopers from lying about their hours.

On this point I tend to agree with them. Since these officers weren’t even on the job for the time they put in for, apparently we don’t need as many of them. I suggest installing GPS in half of the cruisers and laying the other half of the officers off. This will save taxpayers at least $78 million in salary alone. As a bonus, there will only be half as many state troopers in our communities who could potentially falsify time sheets, give false testimony or violate civil liberties.

Instead of whining about GPS units, the Massachusetts state police need to return the money they stole from taxpayers — all of it.

Tedd White