Fighting to save our state lands

Published: 1/20/2020 9:32:52 AM

I sincerely hope that H897 passes and that the court rejects the Assistant Attorney General’s motion to dismiss the 29 members who are fighting to save our state lands. This has to happen, as DCR is unlikely to ever stop exploiting the very forests that they are supposed to be protecting. I fear that if it’s left to the state departments themselves, it will take years before commercial logging in our state lands is halted. I echo the question that a friend of mine has asked, “If we can’t even protect our own public forests from commercial exploitation, then what does ‘Public Ownership’ mean?”

Forests in our state, nation and world are disappearing at alarming rates for several reasons, including increased development and forest products. Our forests are increasingly becoming endangered along with the wildlife and soil life that are essential to our planet. During the last year, I have read a number of recent reports and books written by scientists which state the critical importance of keeping our forests wild. I have learned that intact forests and the rich soils that flourish in them, sequester large amounts of carbon which help us fight climate change. Older trees communicate and support the entire ecosystem within forest borders.

We have no say about what individuals do with their own private lands. Our state forests belong to the people of our state. It is our responsibility to leave a healthy world for our children, grandchildren and future generations. We must all gather behind this critical action to save our public lands from destruction and demand that action is immediately taken by public officials to protect that future.

Miriam Kurland


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