Get on board to stop climate change

Published: 3/24/2020 9:38:14 AM

The coronavirus scenario is just the beginning of what can happen with the climate change emergency scientists unanimously predict for the near future. According to recent articles I’ve read, as the icebergs melt in the North and South poles, dangerous ancient diseases may very well become exposed into Earth’s atmosphere. If that does happen, the scenario we are currently experiencing, may become common place.

It is time for everyone to get on board to stop climate change. Everyone needs to contact those in power- legislators, governors, etc. to take immediate action on climate change by:

1. Stopping construction on new fossil fuel infrastructures.

2. Increasing accessibility and affordability of clean renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal.

3. Electrifying transportation, powered by clean energy sources

4. Allowing our state and federal forests to remain intact and to stop commercial logging in them, so they may do their job of sequestering carbon and supporting life on this planet.

5. Retrain workers in toxic and harmful industries so they may learn the skills necessary to become employed for a clean economy.

6. Stop production of toxic materials like glyphosate and other chemicals, and replace them with safe and clean technologies and processes.

7. Stop factory farms from destroying soils and train farmers to use regenerative techniques for farming healthy foods that retain nutritious soils with active biomes.

8. Make decisions based on what’s best for life on Earth, instead of what’s best for financial gain.

9. Follow the recommendations put forth in the Green New Deal.

10. Stop manipulations of our political system by replacing the electoral college with rank-choice voting.

11. Vote for people with real policy solutions instead of fear tactics.

Miriam Kurland


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