Exchanging Sixty Days for Seven Days In May

Published: 4/7/2021 11:03:33 AM

In 1962 Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II book, “Seven Days in May” debuted and went on to critical acclaim as a book and a movie. The premise of that book is similar to John P. O’Rourke’s contentions featured in the My Turn Opinion Page of Wednesday, March 31. The book’s plot centers on the discovery of a hawkish general’s coup plot a.k.a. “take appropriate action” to remove a pro-nuclear disbarment-minded president.

Mr. O’Rourke opens his piece by categorizing former President Trump’s past four years in office as a “disruption to the globalist/leftist agenda” that occurred in America, a “constitutional republic.” It ends with a call for at least 75 million legitimate Trump voters to not stand for a globalist/leftists takeover or that our military “take appropriate action.”

A call to “arms” such as this is antithetical to a “constitutional republic,” the very constitutional republic he wants to protect from transitioning to a socialist country.

Any worthwhile argument requires assertions, reasons, credible proof and adherence to the fundamentals of critical thinking (clarity, accuracy, precision, significance, relevance, logic, breadth, depth and fairness). The terms used in such an exchange are defined and agreed to by both parties before a debate ensues.

Mr. O’Rourke’s piece does not define any of the terms used. Yet, a plethora of explicit and implicit meaning can be attributed to “globalist/leftist, Alinsky disciples, constitutional republic, socialist country, election fraud, and legitimate votes, will not stand for, and take appropriate action”.

But therein lies the rub for anyone contemplating engaging Mr. O’Rouke in a disputation of his nine assertions in nine paragraphs used to justify his clarion call to exchange Sixty Days for Seven Days in May.

Robert W. Kubacki


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