Published: 4/15/2019 7:45:14 AM
On distracted driving and rudeness

Today was the last straw. For the fifth time in a year, I was almost hit by a woman in a car, on a cell phone, in Greenfield. Today, a woman was entering Hope St. from the YMCA parking lot, on her phone, and apparently didn’t see me heading toward Main Street. I had to brake fast and leaned on my horn to warn her to stop. She came up beside me at the stop sign and I yelled at her to put down her phone. She argued and flipped me off.

Why was she on her phone as she entered the street? Why didn’t she see me? Why did she not apologize but rather felt entitled to give me the finger? This is happening all too frequently and is almost always a youngish woman on a cell phone. If it weren’t for my alert, hyper-defensive driving, several accidents would definitely have occurred.

Please use your phones before entering the highway. Don’t use them in urban traffic where your attention is required on the road. Stop breaking basic traffic laws and endangering others. And please, learn to apologize when you commit serious traffic violations and stop being so rude.

Peter Kerr


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