Government overthrow

Published: 1/12/2021 11:50:55 AM

Last week was scary.

Armed insurrectionists tried to overthrow our nation’s capital. We don’t know what really happened yet, or that they are “done.” I can’t assume they will just change their minds and go home, back to “normal” life.

I have to guess that they are planning their second and third waves of attack.

This is actively supported by the sitting president of the United States. He is a Republican. It’s a self-assigned political party. You can easily change party any time … for a short while I switched from Unenrolled to the United Independent Party, but have since switched back.

If I can do it, I’d think Charlie Baker would be able to do it too … I filled out a short form and mailed it in.

But instead … He remains one of the most important faces for legitimizing both this president and the party he leads.

I wonder, if Charlie really cared at all, wouldn’t he just switch to Unenrolled, at least until Americans stopped dying at the hands of this political party?

What party are you enrolled in?

What does it say about you, now that one party is in favor of government overthrow when they lose elections?

Chris Joseph


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