Need for a cleaner future

Published: 4/9/2021 10:28:48 AM

A major environmental challenge faced by our world today is climate change and it is increasingly affecting the world around us.

One reason climate change is such a prominent issue in today’s world is because of the overuse of fossil fuels. Around 80% of our energy comes from the use of fossil fuels through gas, coal, and oil. I think the first step to correcting this issue would be passing the 100% clean renewable energy act.

Some of the main problems of the detrimental effects of fossil fuels include land degradation, water pollution, air pollutants, global warming, and more. Coal-fired power plants alone contribute to about 42% of harmful mercury emissions and two-thirds of the United State’s sulfur dioxide emissions (which can cause acid rain). These emissions not only have negative impacts on the environment but they can also cause respiratory illnesses from the production of smog.

For these reasons and many more it is essential that we switch to 100% clean renewable energy. This transition would help clean our air from pollutants helping both people and the environment. This transition would also work to improve the economic stability for all as well as energy security.

It is crucial that Massachusetts passes the 100% Clean Act. This act will be the first big step to reversing the negative effects of climate change. Passing the 100% Clean Act will pave the way for more legislation in the future which will support a cleaner future for all. We need cleaner air, water, and energy and soon we will not be able to fix the problem.

Emily Jorgensen

Sunderland, student intern with MASSPIRG


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