Invest in renewable energy

Monday, December 04, 2017

I write to correct a few of the errors and misleading statements in the Nov. 22 My Turn, “Some serious questions in regards to renewable energy,” written by Walter Cudnohufsky and Deborah Andrew.

First, all energy sources, not only solar and wind, have been, and still are, subsidized in various ways by the federal government. Solar and wind are the youngest sources and have received the least.

Next, all energy sources have an environmental impact from mining, manufacturing and disposal. The benefit of solar and wind technology is that they do not contribute to global warming when used, nor cause the loss of biodiversity from polluting air, water and soil that the fossil fuels and nuclear do. Solar and wind technology can be, and must be, recycled and reused to reduce their impact.

Finally, poor countries that lack electricity are gaining light for children to study by and reducing women’s arduous labor with appropriate technology for water pumps, cooking and food preservation — all with local solar technologies.

So yes, to reforestation, energy efficiency and conservation, sustainable agriculture, redesign of towns and cities for public transportation, and reducing the military footprint, as the writers propose. And yes, to meeting the remaining energy needs with solar and wind as quickly as possible. Divest from fossil fuels and nuclear and re-invest in renewable technologies, from individual retirement accounts to the state pension fund to corporate investors alike.

Pat Hynes