Offended by cartoon

Monday, February 05, 2018

I like The Recorder, but I did not like the cartoon on the editorial page of Jan. 26’s paper.. In fact, I am shocked and angry at the portrayal of a black basketball champion being belittled instead of honored by his achievement of being the “youngest to win 30,000 points.” This is not a complimentary cartoon, rather it is one that uses a negative stereotype to depict a black man: a crown cocked to the side, small eyes and a huge mouth. You might as well have a dunce cap and a watermelon in the picture. The Recorder is better than that. The Recorder owes us an apology for publishing and reinforcing a racist stereotype.

We are an inclusive community, and the Recorder should not only reflect that image, but actively promote it. In our larger culture, black and brown people are under attack. Do we want them to feel safe in Greenfield and surrounds? Our local paper has a responsibility to enhance the safety of all its readers and to educate us away from racism and toward our shared humanity.

Sherrill Hogen

A white resident of Charlemont